One Piece manga dropped another awesome chapter in One Piece chapter 948. In this chapter, we got to see Monkey D Luffy was surprised to see the prisoners turning against him. The prisoners think that even if they escape from prison they’ll have no place to hide from Kaido in Wano. So, first Luffy has to raise their hopes of freedom once more. Meanwhile, Kawamatsu finally got out and his funny design was also revealed.

He has his sword back and is ready to kick some ass. Also, Raizo, OKiku and others have revealed their true identities but since they are mere ghosts to the prisoners they need to demonstrate their strength to win over them. So, in the next chapter, we are going to witness a full-on battle chapter in One Piece manga. No new One Piece chapter will be released this week, meaning that One Piece chapter 949 has been delayed by a week which is bad news for the One Piece fans as usual.

In the new chapter, we will see the battle in Udon prison commencing and Luffy along with his allies demonstrating their strength once more. What will be interesting to see in this new chapter is what will happen to Big Mom? Will she be even shown in manga again until she reaches Kaido?

One Piece chapter 949 release date

Well, my prediction is that we are going to see Big Mom on her way to Kaido in manga regaining her consciousness.

She will break the seastone chains like they are nothing as we should expect from a yonko level One Piece character. I also think that she will be reunited with her crew soon enough. We haven’t seen what happened in the battle between Trafalgar D Law and Basil Hawkins. I hope that Oda shows that battle in detail because that seems an interesting affair. Zoro and Sanji’s battles are also yet to be fully shown in full swing. The One Piece chapter 949 as usual promises a lot and I’m sure that it will also deliver to its promise as well.

One Piece chapter 949 new release date is 21 July 2019. The unofficial scans will be out by 19 July 2019. Do mention in the comments section down below what are your thoughts regarding One Piece chapter 949 being delayed. I’m looking forward to yet another amazing Wano country arc chapter a week after next. So, let us see how things unfold in the new chapter will of One Piece manga soon.


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