One Piece chapter 948 official spoilers have been leaked all over the internet and I am here to share and discuss them with you all. In the last chapter, we saw Big Mom has regained her memories but now she is being taken to Kaido in seastone chains while she is sleeping. Since Queen is travelling with the party it is clear that Monkey D Luffy can do whatever he wants in the prison. Most importantly he can train his new advanced armament haki type as well.

Now, coming to the official One Piece chapter 948 spoilers. In this chapter, we are finally going to get a real glimpse of Kawamatsu. He is known as Kawamatsu the Kappa and instead of having a scary face like I hoped for he has a jolly cute face which I do not like. Monkey D Luffy will be held by the prisoners so that he does not go berserk in prison but I’m not sure if they will be able to hold him back. Kawamatsu will finally break out from his cage and will get a sword for starters.

Meanwhile, OKiku is also in prison as we know along with Raizo, both of them will reveal their true identity. They will confirm for themselves that Grandpa Hyo is actually Hyougoro who is considered to be a legend in of Wano and ancestor of Kyoushiro. OKiku will make sure that nobody reports anything to Kaido. Thus, they will give a free pass to the Strawhat Pirates in prison.

One Piece 948 release date

They can free all the prisoners among whom most are samurai and have supreme respect for Hyougoro. All of them will certainly be powerful than weak soldiers of Kaido.

So, Luffy and his allies are going to get themselves a great force to start the battle against yonko Kaido. Big Mom as we know is being taken to where Kaido is, but if she wakes up on halfway there she is bound to cause havoc throughout Wano country. I would love to see her go berserk in the middle of Wano country but in the story, I think she will reach to Kaido’s place safely because Oda will not kill Queen so soon.

One Piece chapter 948 release date is 07 July 2019. This is the official date but the spoilers will be out by tomorrow, that is Friday 05 July 2019. Do mention in the comments section down below what are your thoughts regarding One Piece 948 official spoilers and Kawamatsu’s design being finally revealed.


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