Finally, the official spoilers of One Piece are out in the open and we here at TheAnimeScrolls are just sharing the free available information with our beloved readers. One Piece chapter 947 seems to be yet again an awesome chapter. This post contains spoilers of One Piece 947 so if you hate spoilers this post is certainly not for you all.

The chapter kicks off with the confirmation that Luffy used haki to destroy collars and Rayleigh’s flashback of him destroying collars in Sabaody is shown. So, how does thus haki work? Well, this is another form of advanced armament haki, using this haki one can destroy the target from within without even touching it. This is indeed a very dangerous power. Big Mom attacks Luffy and Hyougoro and Luffy are not able to stand up to her but are able to dodge her blows.

Luffy doesn’t remember how he was able to break the collars so training him becomes difficult for Hyougoro in this situation. Meanwhile, Queen the Plague has an idea of how to take out Big Mom. He again transforms into his dinosaur form and attacks Big Mom with an aerial attack and uses Oshiruko as bait and uses various bombs.

This, unfortunately, triggers back Big Mom’s memories which is indeed bad for Kaido’s subordinates. But Big Mom will fall asleep and Queen will take advantage of this and wrap her up in seastone chains and cuffs and take her to Kaido in Onigashima. Queen will even give her numerous anaesthesia in order to keep her asleep.

One Piece 947 release date

Meanwhile, Luffy is now free and he can get as many new samurai from the prison. This is amazing news as now Big Mom is back and I certainly think that all these seastone chains and handcuffs will not be sufficient to hold the yonko up.

I also think that her crew will be nearby and they are also a bunch of strong characters, so this is going to be an awesome time in Wano as though it is not so awesome already. Do mention in the comments section down below what are your thoughts on One Piece 947 official spoilers and Big Mom regaining her memories. Will Big Mom reach Onigashima or will the party be intercepted midway through the travelling by Big Mom’s crew. Luffy will also hopefully learn this power-up fully in the coming weeks. So, let us see how things unfold in the upcoming chapter of One Piece.


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