Hey everyone, today I’ll be giving you all the spoilers of the new chapter of One Piece. These are the official spoilers and are available freely on the internet. The only bad news today about the manga is that One Piece is on a break next week one more time but the chapter looks absolutely awesome.

In the last chapter, we saw Roronoa Zoro and Vinsmoke Sanji picking up fights while Kurozumi Orochi was escaping as always. Also, Luffy tried to hit Queen while Killer and Kid were being executed by being suffocated in water. It was revealed that Kamazo the Manslayer was indeed Killer only and was made to eat a bad Smile devil fruit.

Now, talking about what is bound to happen in the new chapter. All those who hate spoilers please stay away from this post. First of all Kurozumi Orochi will be shown trying to take shelter in his castle. Kyoushiro and Roronoa Zoro will be shown battling again and Kyoushiro’s calmness will be so cool to behold. Also, Oniwabanshu come to the party and one of female ninja will be seen attacking Zoro with sound waves.

X-Drake will continue to attack Sanji and to save OToko, Sanji will hand her to Usopp and tell him to run away.

Queen disaster devil fruit

Trafalgar D Law will be confronted by Basil Hawkins who has turned his crew into his voodoo dolls so Law seemingly cannot hurt Hawkins by the looks of it. Hiyori will be saved by Zoro while Sanji falls just short, Sanji will be shocked to see Hiyori grabbing Roronoa Zoro so tightly.

Meanwhile, Shutenmaru will assault Kinemon while the latter asks him to join them. In prison, Big Mom arrives and everyone seems shell shocked. Immediately, Queen the Plague’s devil fruit is revealed. His devil fruit is Ancient Zoan Brachiosaurus which is a humongous dinosaur with a long neck. Luffy will realise that Big Mom doesn’t recognise her. She will immediately ask what she came to Udon for, that is Oshiruko.

Then all of a sudden Big Mom will attack Queen and plant a punch which will send him crashing down on the ground. Wow, the spoilers look awesome, Queen’s devil fruit is awesome and on top of that Big Mom has planted a huge blow to him even though she is not in her senses. Do mention in the comments section down below what are your thoughts on Queen the Plague’s devil fruit?


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