One Piece 930 Spoilers And Release Date

One Piece chapter 930 spoilers

Hey guys, Today I am here to talk about the upcoming chapter of One Piece. Every single chapter of One Piece right now is amazing and there are no bad chapters. Oda has been consistent and releasing these epic chapters for us. I am extremely excited for this chapter because we might see Sanji fighting an enemy for real. I know many Sanji fans are looking forward to this chapter too. Keeping that aside for now, today I am here to give my opinion on this chapter.
Let’s begin –

One Piece chapter 930

One Piece Chapter 930 Spoilers

In the beginning of the chapter we will see Law and Sanji confronting the Beast Pirates duo. They will first confirm wether or not Sanji is the same guy who beat Kyoshiro’s men. X Drake will have those men with him in order to identify Sanji and they finally will see Sanji. They will start their attack and Sanji will get ready to fight. Sanji will be at a major disadvantage because there are two enemies. Law will have no choice but to help Sanji in this fight and at the same time will come up with a plan to escape from Flower Capital.

The fight that will occur will be between Law vs X Drake and Sanji vs Pageone. Then we get to know more about their Devil Fruit abilities. Their Devil Fruit will definitely grant them very great defensive ability which will be greater than the normal Zoan’s abilities. The fight between Sanji and Pageone will get more screen time, we will see Sanji’s powers that we haven’t seen after the timeskip. Pageone and Sanji will be on equal footing or perhaps Sanji will have an upper hand.

One Piece chapter 930 release date

One Piece chapter 930 Release Date

Pageone will get overwhelmed by Sanji and he will have no other choice but to use his man beast form. After using his man beast form we will see his face and also they will show his bounty. At the ending we will see Hawkins finding the person that he was looking for. The chapter will end. Now for the release date, One Piece 930’s leaks will release on 18 January 2019 and it will official release on 21 January 2019.

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