One Piece 924 release is almost upon us, so today, we’ll be discussing what may end up happening in the upcoming chapter. Before we begin the discussion, I want to give praise to Oda for maintaining a high level of consistency over the last few months in regards to the story. One Piece’s Wano arc is definitely proving to be the very best strong arc to date, after the timeskip. My personal favorite is the Marineford War, and it remains to be seen whether Wano can better that. I do hope that it does, and I know that Oda has been working on Wano for more than a decade, so this is going to be something special; you just know it.
One piece 924 spoilers
Anyway, coming back to the chapter, last week we saw Luffy getting destroyed in battle against Kaido. He thought he was ready to take on the Yonko and be Pirate King. However, Kaido showed him his place.

I want to bring the fact that Luffy wasn’t even able to do anything to your attention. He isn’t ready for the big challenges yet. I think Luffy may be able to defeat Yonko Commanders, and maybe even one of the Admirals. However, the Yonko themselves are a different breed. They are far stronger, and we just saw the difference in power for ourselves. Luffy needs to improve. After One Piece 924 release, I think we’ll find out that Luffy is now a captive of the Yonko, Kaido. We all know that Kaido won’t forgive him. I’m pretty sure that Law will end up running away, as Kaido hasn’t noticed him yet.
One Piece 924 where to read
Luffy will get captured, and Kaido will likely leave the town. We should soon find out that the Strawhats are actually okay, and that they even managed to rescue Tama, who I think is alive. Law and Zoro might regroup with the rest of the crew, and then we’ll see a new operation that will be to save Luffy. This will also help Oda set Kid free, who will then go ahead to join the alliance. I’m getting more and more excited for One Piece 924, and I hope that it is even better than last week’s chapter.

One Piece 924 will be out in next week’s Weekly Shounen Jump Issue 50. The manga will be on a break after this. One Piece 924 release date is November 12, 2018. The scans for the chapter will arrive a few days before, and you can expect them to be out by November 9, 2018. The spoilers will be out on November 8, 2018, so make sure they you check TheAnimeScrolls regularly.

What are you expecting from One Piece 924? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below!


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