One Piece 924 Raw/Scans Release Date, Spoilers And Updates

One Piece 924

We head towards One Piece 924 full of hype, and just like the last few chapters of this arc, I expect this on to blow my mind away as well. Today, we’ll talk about One Piece 924 Raw/Scans Release date and further updates on the upcoming chapter. But first, let’s discuss One Piece 923. Oda’s delivery of One Piece 923 was sublime. We got to see Luffy take on Yonko Kaido in a one-on-one battle. What have we heard about Kaido so far? If it is a one-on-one fight, Kaido cannot be defeated.

One Piece 914 raw

The outcome of this fight was pretty obvious. Luffy ended up losing this fight pretty easily. It is worth noting that he did hurt Kaido a little bit while he was in his Dragon form, but as soon as Kaido transformed, he didn’t take any damage. Kaido was testing Luffy and he wanted to see what Luffy had in his store. The outcome of that was Kaido not taking any damage. Kaido proceeded to one-shot Luffy.

One Piece 924 Raw And Scans Release Date

My expectations for One Piece 924 are high, and I think we will not be seeing much of Monkey D Luffy in get upcoming chapter at all. Luffy is knocked out and when One Piece 924 raw does come out, we’ll definitely get more details on Kaido. According to the preview for the chapter, we’ll find out about Kaido’s Beasts Pirates a bit more.

One Piece 924 Release Date

We all know that they’re very powerful, and that Kaido is unbeatable, but I think we’ll get to know more details on Kaido’s abilities as well. Kaido will probably go on to cage Luffy after this. I don’t think Law can save both Luffy and himself from Kaido. From here on out, Law will either take on Kaido himself and be defeated only to get captured with Luffy. Or, he can run away using his Devil Fruit ability and leave Luffy as he is.

I think we may also get to known the fate of the Strawhat Pirates who were at Oden Castle. We all know that they were the target of Kaido’s Borobreath. However, they had Sanji and Shinobu with them. I’m sure those two may have been able to figure out some way to escape from Kaido’s attack. On the other hand, One Piece 924 may also tell us a bit about Tama’s fate.

She was seen severely injured in the previous chapter, so I hope that she’s alright. I’m sure that she won’t die, but someone has to take care of her right away or Kaido will capture her too. One Piece 924 raw release date has me excited, so let’s see what ends up happening this week.

One Piece 924 will be back in next week’s Weekly Shounen Jump Issue 50. The manga is on no scheduled break this week, and will take a break after this chapter. One Piece 924 release date is November 12, 2018. One Piece 924 raw/scans will arrive a few days before, and you can expect them to be out by November 9, 2018. The spoilers will be out on November 8, 2018, so make sure they you check TheAnimeScrolls regularly.

What are you expecting from One Piece 924? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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