One Piece 921 Release Date: Manga Delayed, New Spoilers

One Piece 921 spoilers

Hey guys! Today, we’ll be discussing One Piece 921 release date, and spoilers. One Piece manga is at its finest peak right now. Many awesome things were revealed in the Wano Country Arc, and it is by far one of the best Arc in One Piece or might be the best. I am loving every single chapter that Oda Sensei is drawing, and without a doubt Want Country is living up to its hype.
With the introduction of the time travel, Kozuki Oden’s past, as well as Inuarashi and Nekomamushi’s past has been told. The last chapter hooked ever single One Piece fan, and we also got to see the amazing story telling of Oda in the last two chapters. Now that I am done mentioning how awesome One Piece and Oda are, let’s talk about the possible spoilers of the upcoming One Piece 921.

One piece 921 release date

One Piece 921 Spoilers

In the next chapter of One Piece, I think that we will hear more stories about the Kozuki Oden. As may also get know more about the powers of Kozuki Toki, and also about the second child of Oden. She might play an important role in the future. Then after all this, Kin’emon or probably Law will probably discuss some kind of plan in order to prepare for the war that will happen in two weeks.

They might go into hiding so that they don’t attract too much attention on them. Moreover, Kin’emon might try to find the last retainer of the Kozuki clan that hasn’t been introduced and kept hidden. Then we will see Zoro who was approaching the big factory. In this factory, I think Jack, or one of Orochi’s trusted man might be. But I think Jack will be there, and Hawkins as well, who will be reporting the incident that happened in the flower district.

One Piece 921 delayed

There is a big chance that the fight between Zoro and Jack might happen, but I really would love it if Jack is saved for the war that will happen in Wano Country in two weeks. This is my prediction of the next chapter of One Piece 921. Hope you guys enjoyed it.

One Piece 921 Release Date

One Piece 921 Release date won’t be this week. As you may know, the manga is on break right now, and will return next week. The official release date for One Piece 921 is 22 October 2018. The scans will be out on 19 October 2018.

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