One Piece Chapter 920 : Zoro vs Jack The Drought Confirmed?

Zoro vs Jack

Hey guys! Hope you all are doing well. In this post, I’ll be talking about the battle that could take place in the upcoming chapters of the One Piece manga, that is Zoro vs Jack. I know most of you might be thinking that no way in hell this battle is going to take place but I assure you that you’ll think otherwise after reading this post.

Let’s begin this post regarding Roronoa Zoro vs Jack the Drought

First of all, let us discuss what we saw in the last chapter of One Piece, that is, One Piece chapter 919. In this chapter, we got some amazing details and let me first inform you about them.
One piece 920
It was shown that Oden’s wife cursed Kurozumi Orochi, and said that after 20 years, 9 samurai will kill him, and this is year 20th. Also, Kiku was revealed to be another retainer of the Kozuki clan, which in turn means that Tsuru could also be one of the ghosts of Wano as we precisely predicted in our theories. Interestingly, Roronoa Zoro went missing again.

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