One Piece 902 – End Of Whole Cake Island Confirmed

One Piece manga Chapter 902

The Whole Cake Island arc was one of the best that One Piece has to offer, in the One Piece 902 the Whole Cake Island is confirmed to end. In One Piece 902, we see Sunny escaping from the Big Mom Pirates and also from Whole Cake Island safely. Sanji was told about the death of Pedro and Sanji seemed to be in depression after hearing about Pedro.
One Piece 902
Jinbe is still fighting against Big Mom Pirates and somehow he was able to hold them back.

Pudding is shown at the moment when she kisses Sanji and it was revealed that Pudding erased the memories of the kiss from Sanji’s mind. Germa is also seen in the chapter, they were retreating from Whole Cake Island.

Fully recovered Big Mom appears in front of Jinbe and his Pirate Crew. Big Mom than ask Jinbe “Life or Dead”. Luffy and the Strawhat Pirates are shown once again, this time they are eating food on Sunny Go that Sanji cooked. Unfortunately, Sweet Commander Snack wasn’t shown in the chapter.
One Piece manga chapter 902
In the end, Baratie is shown were Zeff is cooking food for some person. The other chefs are saying that they should kick out the enemy, this is exactly the same thing that Sanji does to Jin in the Baratie arc.

At the moment when Zeff brings out the food out for the enemy, Sanji too brings out the food for his crew. Here Oda shows us that Sanji’s character just like his father Zeff’s character which is quite amazing.

Katakuri and Brûlée are been shown where they are talking to each out and later we see, Peropero, Oven, Daifuku, Katakuri, and Brûlée when they were little kids. This chapter marks the end of Whole Cake Island arc and it has been revealed which arc is going to start next. Whole Cake Island was one of the best arcs in One Piece.
One Piece chapter 902
This arc had all the things that a One Piece fan want. It had many great fights, amazing characters, heartbreaking backstories, extremely powerful Devil Fruits and the list goes on and on.

I admit that it got a bit dull in the beginning and in the middle but overall it was amazing. We can really say that Oda really put a great effort in this arc and the upcoming arc of One Piece will be revealed very soon. I hope the next arc of One Piece will be even more amazing that it will blow everyone’s mind.

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