Call it Visual power or Manifestation of power of Mind. Another truly Anime Powers are the Ocular powers. While many people will argue that Laser spitting eye aren’t new as there are several comics out there. However Anime has taken it to completely new heights. They have developed and used it the most in comparison to other medias. There are several kinds of vision and today We would like to present Out Top 15 most popular and strongest Visual Prowess in All of the Anime. Before We move onto the list I would again reiterate this is not a rank list. Its just how we list all these characters.

Several Characters have been seen with the Common Laser Eye:

PiccoloImage result for Anime character lasers

Piccolo simply damages his opponent like a typical laser gun.  Quite effective for close combat and surprise attacks.

Image result for Eye laser characters

Frieza’s species can use telekinesis, fire laser like attacks and immobilize their opponents with stare. Again these techniques are effective on foes having lower power levels than user.

Supreme KaiRelated imageThe Supreme Kai can inhibit Ki build up by making opponent incapable of focusing. Though not much of fighter the Kai can also fire invisible ki beams to inflict massive damage.

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