Top 10 Ninjas with the Greatest Chakra reserves

9 Tailed Beasts

Chakra reserves are really important for a strong shinobi. Unless a shinobi has good chakra reserves, he can’t last in a battle. Today we have made a list in which we have ranked the shinobi having the largest amount of chakra reserves.
NOTE: Six Paths chakra is not attributed to those who possess it. No Reanimated Ninjas are included in this list.
10. Kisame Hoshigaki-
He was a member of the Akatsuki. Kisame is known the “Tailless Tailed Beast” due to extremely large chakra reserves. He could create a large dome of water in order to make the environment work into his advantage. Kisame could also fight Might Gai, a top J┼Źnin from Konohagakure toe-to-toe.

9. Third Raikage A-
A was the father of the Fourth Raikage A, and the adoptive father of Killer Bee. He was hailed as Kumo’s strongest Raikage. He has extraordinary strength and endurance. A’s chakra reserves were so great that he could fight Gyuuki without any additional help. Also, he fought 10,000 shinobi continuously for three days and nights.



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