The Next User Of Time Time Devil Fruit In One Piece— Revealed

Time time devil fruit

Hey guys! Hope you all are ready for today’s dose of One Piece theory. In this post, I’ll be talking about the next user of time time devil fruit in the One Piece universe. It has been confirmed in One Piece manga chapter 920 that the time time devil fruit does exist in One Piece universe. This theory is entirely based on the last chapter only.

Let’s begin this theory regarding the next user of time time devil fruit in One Piece universe

In One Piece 920, we were introduced to a variety of different characters like Toki Kozuki, Hiyori Kozuki, former Shogun of Wano, etc.
time time devil fruit
It was disclosed that Oden Kozuki’s wife, Toki, possessed the time devil fruit. It was also verified that the user can only travel into the future, but not travel to the past. Also, it was revealed that she wasn’t even from the Wano country of 20 years ago but from even a timeline before that. She could either be from the era of Rocks Pirates or even the Ancient Kingdom; there are literally numerous possibilities.

Toki did say that she will not time travel again, when she sent Momonusuke and others into the future. So, it is presumed that she would have died 20 years ago.
time devil fruit
As we know, Hiyori Kozuki is her daughter, and Momonusuke’s sister. It isn’t revealed whether she died or lived. We’ll talk about her a bit later in this post.

The most prominent detail was that Oden Kozuki was publicly executed, and he died as a hero of Wano country. Oden Kozuki was the son of the Shogun of Wano named Sukiyaki. His father banned him from the Flower Capital.
one Piece time travel
Oden defeated Ashura Douji in Kuri, which was a lawless land in Wano country at that point in time. Now, coming to the user of time devil fruit, Toki. It seems that Toki’s fate was death the moment she decided to stay back in Wano 20 years ago.

So, if she died who has her devil fruit? We have seen in the past that when any character having a devil fruit ability dies, their devil fruit again appears in the world.
one Piece time devil fruit
This happens mostly right where the death of that character occurs. Also, we have no clue what happened to the infant sister of Momonosuke Oden.

Well, this is my theory about what might have happened. I think that Toki might have died and her devil fruit might have been consumed by her daughter somehow.

Most probably there would have been another character, in whose hands Toki might have left her daughter. Also, I think that she would have instructed that character, when she dies make Hiyori Kozuki eat her devil fruit. Since Kinemon didn’t mention that Hiyori time traveled along with them, it is highly likely that she stayed behind.

So, Hiyori Kozuki has the time devil fruit but what might have happened afterwards? Did she also time travel into the future?
Hiyori Kozuki
Well, here is what I think might have happened. Hiyori would not have had any knowledge about how to effectively use her devil fruit powers since she was just an infant.

So, her caretaker would have taken care of her till at least she could take care of herself, and got a hold of her devil fruit powers. It is evident that she won’t have learned about all the abilities of her devil fruit instantly.
toki Kozuki
So, I think that she would have first got to a safe location away from Orochi’s reach, then for 5-6 years, she would have trained to use her devil fruit. Also, she would have at least known how to take care of herself. Since she wouldn’t have remained safe in Wano forever, she would have been forced to use her time travel ability to travel into the future.

In order to bring her into the story, it seems logical that she too would have preferred to travel to a timeline where she could reunite with her brother and contribute to the death of Kurozumi Orochi as well.
Kozuki clan
So, the next user of time devil fruit is none other than her daughter Hiyori Kozuki, and she might well be present in the current timeline of Wano country as well.

That is it from today’s post on the next user of time time devil fruit. If you do not agree with the points in the post and have some of your own opinions, share them with us in the comments section down below. Keep visiting TheAnimeScrolls for more information about Anime, Manga and movies.

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