The Next User Of Time Time Devil Fruit In One Piece— Revealed

Time time devil fruit

Hey guys! Hope you all are ready for today’s dose of One Piece theory. In this post, I’ll be talking about the next user of time time devil fruit in the One Piece universe. It has been confirmed in One Piece manga chapter 920 that the time time devil fruit does exist in One Piece universe. This theory is entirely based on the last chapter only.

Let’s begin this theory regarding the next user of time time devil fruit in One Piece universe

In One Piece 920, we were introduced to a variety of different characters like Toki Kozuki, Hiyori Kozuki, former Shogun of Wano, etc.
time time devil fruit
It was disclosed that Oden Kozuki’s wife, Toki, possessed the time devil fruit. It was also verified that the user can only travel into the future, but not travel to the past. Also, it was revealed that she wasn’t even from the Wano country of 20 years ago but from even a timeline before that. She could either be from the era of Rocks Pirates or even the Ancient Kingdom; there are literally numerous possibilities.

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