Kakashi Hatake is the former, and the Sixth Hokage of Konohagakure. He is also known as the Copy Ninja Kakashi, as he has copied more than a thousand jutsu with his borrowed Sharingan.Kakashi Kakashi is famous for using his lightning style Chidori blade which I must say is quite powerful. He took the reigns from the fifth Hokage, Tsunade Senju after the conclusion of the fourth great war.

Kakashi’s father was Sakumo Hatake who was known as the White Fang of the Leaf. We don’t know much about him, as he died only when Kakashi was a mere child. Even though it is known who his father was,Kakashi nothing at all is mentioned or shown about his mother. So, this theory is basically about his mother, who she might be, and from which clan she could have been. Let me discuss this theory in detail now.

This theory that I am going to discuss suggests that Kakashi’s mother is from Inuzuka clan. Inuzuka clan is a clan of Konohagakure which is known for the useKakashi of their ninken as fighting companions. They have marks on their cheeks that are pretty distinctive. When the member of the clan reaches a certain age, they are given a canine partner.

Then they are together for like forever. The members of this clan have high sense of smell. By concentrating the chakra on their noses they can amplify their sense of smell. Kiba Inuzuka is a notable member of this clan. Kiba, with his ninken Akamaru, Kakashihas become better and better during the years and the two are inseparable. Kiba also has a high sense of smell. Now, let me explain the similarities between Kakashi Hatake and the Inuzuka clan before you throw away this theory as total bullshit.

Kakashi has his own pack of ninken. Only other ninjas who summon or use ninken on regular basis are only the members of the Inuzuka clan. Which draws my attention, Kakashiand makes me think that his mother could have been from Inuzuka clan. Kakashi Hatake has raised his ninken since they were puppies, but no where in Anime or Manga is it shown how he acquired them.

Kakashi Hatake used his pack of ninkens during the Third Shinobi World War. He can use his ninkens to fetch things for him, restrain opponents and more importantly deliver messages. Also, Kakashi can use them while he is tracking someone. KakashiThis is the first clue that one of his parents might be from Inuzuka clan, but since it is known his father is Sakumo Hatake it makes everyone think that his mother might be the one from this clan. But that’s actually not true. Moving on to the second hint.

Now, coming to the second hint or clue. The face marks on the Inuzuka clan members. As it is seen that every clan member has some sort of face marks on Kakashihis or her face, and the fact that Kakashi Hatake wears a mask makes me think that he might not like to wear these marks, or he might not like being linked with Inuzuka clan.

Also, the fact when Kakashi disguised as Sukea he wore some face marks sounds a little weird to me. This is a big hint, as even if he didn’t want people to know who he was, he still didn’t need any face marks as no one had seen his face.Kakashi Yet, he still put on those marks. I think most of you might not have noticed it, and thought it was a small detail but for me it is the biggest clue that he is partly from Inuzuka clan.

The third and final clue about Kakashi Hatake’s mother being from Inuzuka clan is that he his sense of smell is extremely good. It was seen once that Kakash’s sense of smell is even better than Kiba, Kakashiwho is one of the best shinobi from Inuzuka clan. This almost confirms that he has some sort of link with the Inuzuka clan and his mother might be from this clan.

I shared this theory today at TheAnimeScrolls, only because this I thought was a good one and added some of my own hints as well. I think this theory almost proves that he is linked to Inuzuka clan. The credit of this amazing theory goes to its writer. I would love to get your thoughts on this theory.

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