Hey guys! Hope you all are doing well. In this post, I’ll be discussing new powers in Boruto, Delta’s ninja technology and her powers. Delta is an Inner working for Kara. It was confirmed by Kawaki in the Boruto. She has truly given Naruto something to think about in this chapter because of her technology.

Let’s begin this post regarding Delta’s ninja technology and new powers introduced in Boruto

As we know Delta is one of the most important members of Kara. She is currently battling the Naruto Uzumaki in Konohagakure.
Delta's ninja technology
As we know no matter how powerful she is, in the end, Naruto Uzumaki will defeat her. She has revealed some interesting powers in the last chapter and all of these are important to reflect upon. Delta like Kawaki is a modified human being. Some of her body parts have been replaced by technologically advanced ones. These body parts give her some pretty insane abilities.

Now, let us talk about her powers and abilities one by one. Her first ability that we saw was that she was able to send a chakra free drone inside Konohagakure.
Naruto Uzumaki vs delta
This drone couldn’t be detected by anyone because it was chakra free also she was clearly able to see what drone was capturing.

With the help of this ability, she detected where Kawaki was. This drone came out from her body and seems a pretty handy ability when one just needs to observe things from a distance.
ninja technology
When she confronted Naruto Uzumaki and others. Naruto straightaway used a Rasengan on her but she was easily able to absorb it with her eyes. Kawaki said that her eyes are specially made. It is clear that even her eyes are scientifically made tools. Momoshiki Otsutsuki, Boruto Uzumaki and Kawaki are able to do the same with Rinnegan and Karma respectively. She can do the same thing with her eyes with any fuss.

Later on in the chapter, Delta told Naruto Uzumaki that she had a gift that she would like to return to him and at point-blank range she released the same Rasengan from her eye.
But thankfully Naruto was able to dodge it in time.

It seems that with one eye Delta is able to absorb ninjutsu and with another release the same ninjutsu similar to Momoshiki Otsutsuki’s Rinnegan as he too was able to absorb with one and release with another.
Boruto technology
Another power that Delta has, we have seen it already through Kawaki. After Naruto Uzumaki planted her into the ground she was able to modify her legs into dangerous weapons. Like we have already seen Kawaki modifying his body in battle. She was able to gain advantage momentary against Naruto by increasing the size of her leg.

We have also seen her practically flying as her boots sort of transform into mini rockets enabling her to travel at blazing speed at will.
new powers Boruto
These legs are similar to that of Asura Path. It is another one of her technologically advanced ability.

Last but not least, an ability that we have seen her use in Boruto Naruto Next Generations is the chakra cloak. Yes, indeed we saw her coating herself in her own chakra cloak like Naruto Uzumaki.
Delta's ninja technology
This is another one her abilities provided to her scientifically. This cloak enhances her speed, strength and durability. She was able to battle Naruto Uzumaki with the help of this cloak. Regardless of her chakra cloak, she is already stronger than normal humans because her body parts are enhanced than normal humans. Thus, she’ll obviously have more speed and strength than normal shinobi.

These were Delta’s powers and abilities that have been thus far revealed in Boruto. In the next chapter, that is Boruto chapter 32 we will see her battle with Naruto continuing and thus more of her technologically advanced abilities are bound to be disclosed.
But no matter how strong she is, Naruto Uzumaki will defeat her in the next chapter.

That is it from today’s post on new powers in Boruto and Delta’s ninja technology and powers. If you do not agree with the points in the post and have some of your own opinions, share them with us in the comments section down below. Keep visiting TheAnimeScrolls for more information about Anime, Manga and movies. Do remember to subscribe to our blog by pressing the bell icon.

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