New Pokémon Go Accessory Revealed

Pokémon Go has taken the whole world by storm and it has got every other person on this earth out searching for Pokémon. Although some people might dislike the whole thing but, Pokémon fans such as me, are loving it. Anyway, there has been news about a new accessory being revealed that would make the experience of every fan even better. Vixole has invented shoes, which is known as Vixole Matrix.
This shoes is not your ordinary shoes which just helps you to walk from place to place but, it informs you about the nearby Pokémon. It comes with a built-in display and it syncs with your phone and vibrates whenever a Pokémon is nearby. It also has sensors that detect motion and sound. Unfortunately, Vixole are planning to launch a Kickstarter in September so that they can start the production of these really cool shoes. I hope that we get to use these awesome shoes soon.
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