One Piece anime has now commenced the Wano country arc. The first episode of Wano was a treat to behold. I have watched the episode over and over again since the beginning of the arc. We got the glimpse of the new opening theme song of anime. In this opening other than some awesome scenes we got to see some major manga spoilers.

These things are yet to be disclosed in the manga. First of these things was the Kaido vs Luffy battle. Luffy transforms into the fourth gear and Kaido transforms into his dragon form. The major spoiler here is that Luffy is shown quoted in Ryou haki which is the next power-up he is about to get in Wano country arc. The scenes are just awesome and this has hyped up the anime even more which is just great.

Kaido’s blue dragon form just looks way too cool. The second major spoiler that came out was that the identity of Denjiro the ninth red scabbard was revealed. In the manga, the ninth red scabbard is yet to be revealed and the new opening of anime revealed this new major spoiler as well. In the opening pairs of the nine red scabbards were shown and with Ashura Douji aka Shutenmaru, Kyoushiro was shown.

Thus, confirming that the ninth red scabbard Denjiro is none other than Kyoushiro himself. We knew that Kyoushiro is against Kurozumi Orochi when he saved and freed Komurasaki aka Hiyori Kozuki.

One Piece Denjiro

But we have had no clue of his intentions and absolutely nobody made a theory that Kyoushiro could actually be Denjiro so this revelation is actually a very nice one. These new major spoilers from the new opening have hyped up the anime even more.

The Wano country arc new character designs and most of all the direction of the anime is just great. I’m eagerly waiting for the new episode. We also got to see Roronoa Zoro’s scene and how he caused havoc in his own seppuku ceremony. Everything about the Wano country arc seems so perfect, there is not even a single thing that one needs to fix in the anime. One Piece new episode 893 will be released this coming Sunday on 14 July 2019.

Do mention in the comments section down below what are your thoughts regarding One Piece anime’s new latest opening. We all should be feeling great that we are witnessing this release of Wano country arc in real time. Seriously, thank you Oda and One Piece franchise.


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