New Godzilla Movie to hit the Theatres soon

We all loved the Godzilla movies since they came out. They were all super cool and surely packed a punch. This news is going to sound like a sweet melody to Godzilla fans as TOHO’s iconic franchise, Godzilla, is about get a animated movie. The movie has been penned down by Gen Urobuchi and has been animated by Polygon Pictures. Shin Godzilla, which is TOHO’s newest Godzilla movie was opened in Japan on 29th of July and Funimation plans to release the film in late 2016. Since the release of the first film in 1954 and since the opening of Shin Godzilla, TOHO’s live action Godzilla franchise has sold over a 100 million tickets collectively. But, this is going to be their first animated movie.


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