Boruto anime right now is adapting Konoha Shinden light novel. The anime is going better than we all expected and now that the arc is entering its final phase, the Jashin twist has made all the fans go berserk. Even though it is yet to be confirmed what is the name of the new opening but the singer of this new opening has been revealed.

The singer is none other than Haruka Fukuhara. This was revealed by a Twitter account known as @Spytrue. Right now the opening theme song of Boruto is Golden Time which has been sung by Fujifabric. In the latest episode of Boruto anime, we saw Mirai Sarutobi along with her little mate go to resurrection springs where they intended to meet their father and mother respectively. Mirai Sarutobi has never met her father Asuma Sarutobi who was killed by Hidan a member of Akatsuki who was the follower of Jashin religion.

Ironically, it turns out that the preacher who is seemingly allowing the girls to meet their deceased family is also a follower of this Jashin religion and thus this will set up an epic finale in this Konoha Shinden arc that the anime is adapting right now. Also, I was one of those who thought that this arc is also boring as hell as Kakashi and Might Guy seem to be mere spectators bit if somehow the anime people are going to make this fight between Jashin religion follower and Mirai an epic one it will heal the wounds of all Boruto fans who have been witnessing arcs like Chocho arc and even the Mitsuki’s long arc which ultimately served no purpose and whose ending also was pretty disappointing.

Also, it has been revealed that the anime will resume adapting the manga soon and probably from September onwards which still is a long time.

Boruto opening theme

Boruto manga, on the other hand, has been transferred to V Jump from Shonen Jump. Now, at least we fans will get a new Boruto chapter on 20th of every month which is some sort of good news.

Boruto manga’s latest chapter revealed Jigen to be an Otsutsuki which has turned a lot of old Naruto fans who absolutely hate Boruto manga into loving it. Now, there is actually some score for Boruto and Kawaki to surpass Naruto and Sasuke Uchiha. Do mention in the comments section down below what are your thoughts on Boruto’s new opening song being sung by Haruka Fukuhara.


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