New Attack On Titan game confirms story goes beyond season one.

Attack on Titan game trailer confirms that the story goes beyond season one. KOEI Tecmo revealed the trailer for their upcoming AOT game on Tuesday. The trailer confirmed that the gameplay would go beyond the story of the first season. The main game is during the battle of Trost. In Europe the game will be titled A.O.T: Wings of Freedom and will be shipped on 26th August, and in the Americas it will be named Attack on Titan and will be shipped on August 30. As every other game, when you pre-order the game you’ll get some amazing content like costumes, weapons,etc. Also, the Europe Game will get a limited “Treasure Box” which will include a muffler, pin badges, soundtrack, art book and a DLC.
The game will be in Japanese and will have subtitles. For super AOT fans, this game is a must buy.


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