Naruto Shippuden Episode 490 Review—Team Shikamaru

Hey everyone! Naruto Shippuden Episode 490 is already out, and I’m here with the review. Shikamaru’s story didn’t start as well as Sasuke’s did. however, it has a lot more to offer, in my opinion. This story arc began with the Shinobi facing a decrease in demands after the 4th Great Ninja War. While some credit it to the peace, there seems be a deeper reason lurking behind it all. Every clue pointing towards the Village Hidden in the Silence. Shikamaru, the protagonist of the story, along with Soku, and Ro, set off for the Land of Silence.

This episode had a lot more action, compared to the first one. We got a clearer idea about the abilities of Soku, and Ro, who both look reliable to begin with.
Naruto Shippuden Episode 490
Meanwhile, Sai, who has been missing since months, was last seen visiting an inn nearby. The three try to do the logical thing and gain information on ways to pass the checkpoint leading to the Village. We know Shikamaru is really good at that, so this was a piece of cake.

Everyone from the Inn seen a little too hostile towards the incoming party, which is natural, since they’re not from a place nearby; All except one boy, Komori. By now, it is really no surprise that this guy was suspicious to begin with. Meanwhile, Soku is frustrated at Shikamaru’s ways, and while talking to Komori, expresses her views to leave the village. Now, There’s one thing to be kept in mind in this episode, and that is, the loyalty of an ANBU is absolute. With that in mind, it was too easy to understand Soku’s bluff. She immediately abandons her team and meets with Gengo’s unit, which includes Komori himself.

Shikamaru and Ro follow her, and face off against Soku, who kills them to prove her loyalty to Gengo’s unit now. Once past the checkpoint, she knocks out Komori and lets Shikamaru and Ro in, who are revealed to be put in fake death trance by her.

As I mentioned before, the loyalty of an ANBU is absolute.
Soku does look like a problematic case, but she has the best interest of Konoha at heart, and would never abandon her Teammates. Although, I’m sure many fans won’t like her attitude.

Shikamaru proves his tactical skills yet again, as he was probably the one who devised the plan.

Now, I’m sure we’ll get to see Ro’s ability in the next couple of episodes.He looks equally promising, and I’m sure Kakashi wouldn’t pick him unless he’s a step above the rest.
It is also interesting to note that the anime producers changed the events of Naruto Shippuden Episode 490 quite a bit, in an attempt to stretch the episode. I’m sure it’ll get more interesting by the episode. I’ll see you guys next week.
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