Naruto Shippuden Episode 487 Review – The Truth About The Chinoike Clan!

Hey guys! I’m here with Naruto Shippuden Episode 487 Review! Sasuke Shinden finally reached its climax in this Episode. I’ll get you guys through all the important events of Naruto Shippuden Episode 487!
So without wasting any time, let’s begin!
Previously, we saw Fushin was finally revealed to be the guy traveling with Sasuke all along.
Naruto Shippuden Episode 487
Fushin and Sasuke clash, without Fushin revealed to be a user of the Typhoon Style, a completely new Kekkei Genkai. Sasuke ultimately wins pretty easily, which is logical since he is one of the strongest in the world.

He attempts to reveal information out of Fushin with a Genjutsu, but fails yet again.
Finally, Sasuke travels to Hell Valley all alone, only to find Chino there.

Chino is then revealed to be the sole survivor of the Chinoike Clan.

I believe Sasuke and Chino will clash in the upcoming episode, but it won’t last long, and they’ll end up at good terms. Listening to her story, Sasuke finds out that Chino was kidnapped by Oyashiro at a very tender age.
She was then trained to fight at the Coliseum. It is through this training that she awakened her Ketsuryugan in the first place.

Later, she fought and successfully defeated Fushin, another fighter at the Coliseum. They became fond of each other, and planned to leave to Hell Valley to find Chino’s Clash.

Fushin and Chino took some more guys with them when they left.


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