Naruto Shippuden Episode 472: Review, Spoilers.

Hey guys! Naruto Shippuden Episode 472 was out yesterday and fans were definitely happy seeing another Canon episode of the series. While this episode was a whole lot of flashbacks, it was still one hell of an episode.
Previously, we saw Kaguya shifting Dimensions again; this time she went to one with a strong Gravity. Kaguya planned to kill both Naruto and Sasuke there; only for Kakashi and Obito to interfare.
Obito ends up saving Kakashi, by using Kamui on Kaguya’s bone, and is himself struck by a bone.
As Obito gets struck, he begins to turn to ashes.
Obito plans for Kakashi to lead the future generations and says it is too soon for him to die.
Obito then reminisces about his past and how he made many mistakes, his dream of becoming Hokage and the love of his life, Rin.
He deems his life full of failures, but this one time, Obito makes up for everything that he had done in the past, by saving everyone.
Obito says Naruto opened his eyes and tells him to fulfill his dream of becoming Hokage one day. Naruto vows to to do so, as Obito crumbles to ashes before them.
Black Zetsu mocks Obito’s death, which angers Naruto greatly, as he attacks Kaguya and severs her left arm.
Naruto refers to Obito as awesome, as he later reunites with Rin in the after-life.
Personally, I loved the entire episode and was reduced to tears. Obito definitely proved to be a hero in our eyes.
The next episode will be even more intense though.
We’ll see you guys soon.


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