5 Naruto Characters Smarter Than Shikamaru Nara

Shikamaru Nara is considered to be one of the most intellectual, and smartest characters in Naruto. Even before he was a Chūnin, he had an I.Q of over 200, which is mind boggling to say the least.
However, here are 5 Naruto Characters who are smarter than Shikamaru.
Let’s begin—

5. Kakashi Hatake
Shikamaru Nara
Kakashi was always a very bright shinobi. He is the youngest ever Genin, Chūnin, and Jōnin. According to Naruto, Kakashi has a higher I.Q than Shikamaru, and even a nose better than Kiba’s. Kakashi is also probably one of the best known Strategists in Naruto, as he always analyzes his opponents before fighting them head-on. He would’ve defeated Tendo Pain, had he not been intercepted by another Pain.


  1. Shikaku Narais the only one who is smarter than Shikamaru Nara by a landslide, In fact Shikaku Nara is to Shikamaru Nara as Madara Uchiha is to Sasuke Uchiha. The thing the Nara Clan’s ability is Superhuman Intelligence making them incomparable to every other character outside the Nara Clan in Intelligence.

  2. I’d disagree with choosing Minato. He has great skill and strength, but remember that fight Shikamaru had with Hidan? THAT was planning ahead. Also, favorite character ever is Itachi, but thanks to his Sharingan, he is able to analyze. When it comes to raw intelligence, I think that Shikamaru is second only to his father.

    • Itachi has 5 in intelligence same as orochimaru and Shikamaru. How can Shikamaru have 0.5 more especially when the ratings are out of 5?

  3. I know, I know I’m being selfish but Kakashi deserved a little better than that. The fact that he was a earlier, and smarter genius than Itachi at a younger age still stands out to me. He was a Genin at 5! Chunin at 6! I mean he even beat the Sannin in genius stats. I think his will to learn dulled after so many peoples deaths, while Itachi’s will to learn grew more as he aged. Though I’m not saying Itachi dosen’t deserve the #1 spot, Kishimino himself said that if Itachi was in top shape he could have defeated Madara single-handedly himself. Though I never really grew on Itachi even after all the years of Naruto, I still think he deserves a spot in this as #1


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