7 Naruto Characters Who Developed Their Own Ninjutsu


We’ve seen many so many strong characters in Naruto, and each had a couple of great Ninjutsu up their sleeve. However, very few characters actually created their own Ninjutsu.
Here are 5 Characters who we’ve seen developing their own techniques in Naruto.
NOTE: Only those characters who we’ve seen/known developing Ninjutsu are including.
Let’s begin—

7. Tsunade Senju
Technique created: Creation Rebirth
Tsunade Senju played a pivotal role in the 2nd Great Ninja War, and even the 4th Great Ninja War. However, it is largely because of her Konoha won the 2nd Great Ninja War. She was leading the medical unit, and this is where she created the Creation Rebirth Technique.


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