Top 7 Naruto Characters With The Best Chakra Control

Chakra requires very high amounts of skill and concentration to be controlled(chakra control).

In order to control it perfectly, a shinobi must use only the required amount of chakra to perform a technique, which is extremely hard. Today, I’ve listed the characters with the best chakra control in Naruto.
NOTE: All of these characters controlled chakra in a different way, so they CANNOT BE RANKED. However, these 7 characters are a class apart from all the others. Again, this list is not ranked.
Let’s begin—

7. Hyuga Neji
Neji was probably the strongest Hyuga to exist. He had decent amounts of chakra, but his control was exceptional. Neji could also release chakra from any of his Tenketsu, which is extremely rare for any shinobi. Neji also covered his blind spot by releasing Chakra to sense the opponent.

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