Yesterday translation for Nanatsu No Taizai Chapter 260 came and we have some interesting news. Like always before we start on, I would like to give the standard warning. Those of you who dislike getting spoilers this is the last warning before proceeding to the Article. It contains major information which can turn our head around. Anyways proceeding to Chapter, Content wise it’s little small. But I must add that in terms of plot it gives some interesting twist to the story.

You all might be quite intrigue by my statement of the chapter. But before we start there let’s have recap. We First see Monspiet and Derieri talk about the past. We get an interesting reveal about the history between the Two of them. It seems Monspiet is the lover of Derieri’s older sister who dies at the hands of Stigma. For some misunderstanding the Two than fight the Goddess Clan for revenge for her death but Elizabeth saves them from their Indura Avatar. After they faint humans protect them from a certain death. This makes the two question the leadership and philosophy of their Clan. So Derieri decides to return her commandment to Zeldoris. However…

 Estarossa who is searching for the Two members of the Commandments finally finds their rat hole. He enters the show with a bang and “destroys” the human who is tending to the Two demons. Estarossa than sarcastically asks them whats the idea behind attacking their comrade before attempting to pop the Human’s soul for Recharge. Derieri tries to make a move but is helpless, Monspiet on the other hand reveals his Trump card.

We than See Monspiet uses Trickster to swap the soul with an apple and Derieri allows the soul to escape. Than their is brief scuffling about their plans. The former members than reveal that they plan to leave the Ten Commandments and give back their seals. Estarossa than reveals his true plan about stealing all commandments for himself. He than attempts to kill the Two Demons starting with Mospiet. Monspiet However uses Conjurer’s Trick to swap his power and position with Estarossa effectively gaining the Upper Hand and starts to tell about his original History.

We get to know several details about Estarossa. The first one is that Estarossa never possess any Demon like abilities despite being born in Demon clan. That’s not all, Monspiet even reveals that he is kind and gentle who hates killing. The Demon King pitying him than gives him commandment to allow him to compete with his Brothers. However this corrupts his mind and soul, he even loses his memory and turns out to be huge mistake. Monspiet than tells him to stop this madness and almost knocks him out. However Derieri makes a fatal mistake she approaches him too soon and Estarossa seizes her Necks. Than He attempts to kill her but Monspiet pulls another Trick Effectively saving her and confesses his feelings of over 3000 years. The Chapter ends here but we did get to see most of our predictions.

Monspiet e Derriere

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