My Hero Academia: Vigilantes is a new spinoff manga series of My Hero Academia manga. This manga is relatively new and not many people know about this manga but slowly under the nose of people, this new spin-off movie has released over fifty chapters, to be precise 55 chapters.

The events of this manga series are set before the main story of the original manga. This is good news for those who want to see All Might in action more often because he just doesn’t have any power to fight any more in the maim manga but since this new spin-off manga is set before the events of the original manga meaning that All Might is still mighty and powerful in the spin-off series. So, his introduction in the spinoff series was way overdue.

In chapter 55 of My Hero Academia: Vigilantes we saw in order to deal with the proto-Nomus All Might made his way into the frame. In order to deal with mini bombers and save civilians, All Might showed us a new move which we haven’t seen ever before in the spin-off or the main manga series. This new smash of All Might is known as Nebraska Smash. This new manga is known as My Hero Academia: Vigilantes is being written by Hiyuki Furuhashi and the art of the manga is being handled by Betten Court.

This spin-off manga like its parent manga is also being published by Shueisha and Viz Media is publishing the English version of the manga. This manga is being published in Shōnen Jump GIGA  and Shōnen Jump + magazines. My Hero Academia: Vigilantes was launched back in September of 2016. For those who do not know about this manga here is the plot for you all:

all might My Hero Academia Vigilantes

Like the maim manga, this one is also set in a world where almost every other human has superpowers. Some use these powers for the good of people and some use it for pure evil purposes.

Now, here is the twist, unlike the main manga in which heroes are the centre of focus who face and battle evil, in this spin-off manga there are illegal heroes who fight evil, that is there are vigilantes who face evil without the hero license. They have their own reasons for not getting a pro-hero licences. Do mention in the comments section down below what are your thoughts on All Might being introduced in My Hero Academia: Vigilantes manga?


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