My Hero Academia is one of the modern day great manga. It has made enormous strides forward towards great success. I’m very impressed with the development of this awesome manga. My Hero Academia has already released three seasons already and every one of these three seasons was just awesome. The sheer development of Midoriya about how he adapts and learns to use his quick is awesome.

For those who haven’t yet seen what next happens in the manga just hold on and see how much more cool Midoriya becomes in season 4 of My Hero Academia. The key visual or poster, as you may call it of My Hero Academia Season 4, has been supposedly leaked online before the official announcement. This new poster packs some new never seen before characters in it as well.

In the visual, the main character is Midoriya as expected and the others are not so well known ones. Also, the visual revealed that the My Hero Academia season 4 will release on 12 October 2019.

my Hero Academia season 4 visual

Which means that there is certainly a lot of time we have to wait until the new season of My Hero Academia anime drops in. Talking about the trailer of the new My Hero Academia season, it seems that the trailer will be dropping in next month only.

It is believed that the Hero Fest that will is scheduled for 07 July 2019 in Japan will be a perfect stage for these new details about My Hero Academia season 4 to be revealed officially. Also, it seems that the teaser trailer for the new upcoming season of My Hero Academia will be launched at this event only. If we look at the history books we will find that a lot of details have been made official on the likes of Hero Fest events by My Hero Academia, so it is not out of the blue that the predictions are being made of some official announcement at this upcoming event in Japan.

Now, All Might has no power left, it is all up to Midoriya to step up and improve even further from what we have seen him doing up until now. In the new season, he will team up with a mysterious girl and Mirio in order to save a young girl. Do mention in the comments section down below what are your thoughts regarding My Hero Academia season 4 and it is released in October. I’m certainly excited about this new upcoming season of this amazing shonen anime.


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