My Hero Academia Season 3 Episode 2 Spoilers

My Hero Academia Season 3 Episode 2

Hey guys, Season 3 of My Hero Academia is just right around the corner and we know a lot of things that what will happen in the upcoming season. Season Third’s first episode aired today. Episode first of the season was part-filler, which focused on the swimming pool. This is all that happenes in the first episode. I am not a bit interested in this instead I am interested for the next My Hero Academia Season 3 Episode 2 that mainly focuses on Rookie Field Trip and also Pro Heros will help them to improve the usage of their Quirks.

Episode second will be much more better then first episode. The title of the second episode is “Wild, Wild, Pussycats”. This episode will air on 14 April 2018. The title of this episode says all the things that will happen in the next episode. We will see new characters and their name is Wild Wild Pussycats.
My Hero Academia Season 3 Episode 2
Wild Wild Pussycats is a group which specializes in Mountain rescues. This group includes Mandalay, Pixie-Bob, Ragdoll and Tora. They all are pro-heroes too, and they’ll help Class 1-A in their progress as well.

Moreover, they are elites among the mountain rescue teams and they have been rescuing people for 12 years which makes them pros at their job. The training for class 1-A and 1-B won’t last long though. The training of both the classes will be cut short because Villains are going to crash the party.

Moreover, Villain have some kind of goal in mind which isn’t been revealed yet. This is the end of the spoilers and I am super excited for My Hero Academia Season 3. This season will blow up everyone’s mind and the anime will cover more than one arc.
my Hero Academia season 3 episode 2
It is now been confirmed that the new Season of My Hero Academia will have 25 episode. We will see All Might in action very soon. My Hero Academia is that popular right now but by the time when Season 3 ends it will truly go beyond Plus Ultra. By this I mean it will be extremely popular and will be able to rival other big name Shounen manga.

Are you guys exited for My Hero Academia Season 3 Episode 2?

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