My Hero Academia manga aka Boku no Hero Academia is one of the most popular manga in the world right now. All For One remains the main antagonist of this manga even though he has been locked in prison for a very long time. But we certainly have no clue about the past of All For One.

In the most recent manga chapter of My Hero Academia manga, that is My Hero Academia chapter 237 which was titled “Tomura Shiragaki: Origin” we got to see the origins of Tomura Shiragaki. Tomura was shown in a hospital recovering from his injuries, this the place where he met his doctor and All For One for the very first time. This frightened kid Tenko is renamed as Tomura Shiragaki by none other than All For One.

Tomura means to mourn and say goodbye to dead, All For One also revealed at this point that his last name is also Shiragaki. All For One gave him this new name while telling him that his time for mourning is over. Tomura Shiragaki also revealed that he is the one who killed his whole family.

This is a groundbreaking detail as know we finally have a clue that the creepy All For One also had a normal name back in the day. All For One still remains a mysterious character in the world of My Hero Academia.

All For One last name

Tomura Shiragaki wants to carry-on his mantle and become the most feared villain and inflict pain on heroes.

This all is easier said than done as we know how difficult it is even for Izuku Midoriya who is trying to carry on the mantle of the former symbol of peace All Might and his quirk One For All. Tomura Shiragaki’s character development is pretty insane and this is what makes My Hero Academia series a very interesting one because of the sort of gives way more importance to negative characters, unlike any other series.

The audio start to feel that the bad guys are cool and they want them to beat the good guys. This scheme can also be seen in Oda’s One Piece which is arguably the biggest manga series of recent times. Negative characters like Doflamingo, Katakuri, etc are the favourite fan characters even though they are against the protagonist.

This is just awesome to witness and I as a fan am so pleased with how My Hero Academia manga is progressing. Do mention in the comments section below what are your thoughts regarding All For One’s last name being Shiragaki.


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