My Hero Academia manga is right now in its longest phase without focusing on the story of the protagonist Midoriya Izuku. Even though we haven’t seen the protagonist for a while the fans just cannot complain about what we have been witnessing in the manga because it is becoming better with every chapter.

Seldom you will find antagonist being the centre of attention in the manga rather than the protagonist, this is another one of plus points of this amazing manga. Tomura Shiragaki is battling ReDestro right now in the manga and something unexpected happened last time out.

Tomura Shiragaki sort of evolved during this battle, to put in simple words he got a power-up. Now, he does not need any hands to stabilize himself. ReDestro was completely shocked at witnessing this, he gave more than he could to defeat Tomura Shiragaki but alas even his best of efforts did not prove to be powerful enough to defeat his foe.

My Hero Academia 239 release date

On the other hand, Tomura Shiragaki has got stronger during the whole of this fight, he looks like he cannot be defeated at least not by ReDestro. I certainly feel that Tomura Shiragaki will finish off ReDestro in the upcoming My Hero Academia manga chapter.

I hate to break it to you all but we will not be getting a new My Hero Academia manga chapter this week. This is due to the reason that Weekly Shonen Jump is on a break this week. So, it means that we have to wait for two complete weeks in order to get to read My Hero Academia chapter 239.

My Hero Academia chapter 239 new release date

My Hero Academia chapter 239 release date is 18 August 2019. The unofficial scans will be available for you all by 16 August 2019 only but do support the official release as well even if you read the unofficial scans beforehand.

After this sad news I will cheer you all up with some exciting news, it has been officially confirmed that Kōhei Horikoshi who is the creator of My Hero Academia manga has revealed that the protagonist Midoriya Izuku will soon be making his return in the story.

As the current is about to come to an end and will take up at most three more chapters, it seems certain that Midoriya Izuku will be making his return after that. Do mention in the comments section below what are your thoughts regarding My Hero Academia chapter 239 being delayed and the return of Midoriya Izuku which will happen soon in the manga.


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