In chapter 215 of My Hero Academia we saw the end of the fight between Class 1A and Class 1B. In this fight class 1A turned out to be victorious and in this fight we also saw Deku using not one but two quirks in order to be victorious. But, in order to use the Black Whips, he has to use One For All at 8% because at 20% his body hurts.

My hero academia chapter 216

Black Clover Chapter 216 Spoilers

Deku is now getting a hang of using these quirks and he will be able to master it in short amount of time after doing some training. Uraraka was the most helpful in this match because she was the one who captured most of the opponents like Monoma. And what Monoma said to Uraraka felt like he was a villain or something.

In the next chapter, I think everyone will be now resting after fighting such intense fights. Then we will see All Might and Midoriya talking to each other, Midoriya telling him about everything that happened to him during the fight. All Might will be lost and won’t know what to do because this didn’t happen to him but it happened to Nana. Then we will see Shinsou getting into the Hero Department.

My hero academia chapter 216 spoilers

Black Clover Chapter 216 Release Date

He has improved a lot and now that he is under Aizawa’s guidance he will be become even stronger. At the end we will see Shigaraki, he will be shown with his new allies that he has recruited planing his new plot. My Hero Academia Chapter 216 will release officially on February 11, 2019 and the scans will be out on February 8, 2019.

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