Hey guys, in the previous chapter of My Hero Academia, we saw Uraraka and Shinso saving Midoriya’s life from danger. Midoriya almost died during this fight but Aizawa wants the fight to keep going even though All Might and Vlad are opposing it. The other students are fighting each other and using their quirks in creative way to take down their opponent.

My Hero Academia chapter 215

My Hero Academia chapter 215 spoilers

Midoriya wants to fight without his quirk against Shino because he thinks that he won’t be able to control it. Then Monoma starts his assult and he copies “One For All” but it was a bluff that Uraraka figures out and then she subdues him. Now it’s time for the main event that is Midoriya vs Shinso. Shinso went under intense training while training with Aizawa and he is in no mood to lose to someone. On the other hand, Midoriya has decided to take control of his new quirk and he will follow the instructions of the previous user of the quirk.

In my opinion, Midoriya will use his Black Whip in the battle and he might also be able to control it at will. But he wouldn’t use “One For All” because he will only be a burden to his group if he loses control over it again. The only thing that Midoriya will use is his pure physical strength and that Black Whip quirk. But on the other hand Shinso won’t be that easy opponent because Aizawa taught him his cloth binding technique that can every effective in this battle. This will be the battle between two whip users and it will be awesome to see how this fight turns out to be. Moreover, Midoriya has to avoid answering Shinso otherwise he will be brainwashed.

My Hero Academia chapter 215  release date

My Hero Academia chapter 215 Release Date

I think this fight won’t end in this chapter instead we will see how skilled both of them are and it will end in the next chapter. Now for the release date, My Hero Academia chapter 215 leaks will release on 1 February 2019 and it will officially release on 4th February 2019. This is my opinion on what might happen in the next chapter of My Hero Academia. If you guys have your opinion on the next chapter do let me know in the comment section down below.

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