My Hero Academia Chapter 182 Spoilers, Release Date

Hey guys, My Hero Academia’s manga is getting more and more intense and I’m here to discuss it with you guys today. All across the internet, it seems as if the fans can’t wait for My Hero Academia Chapter 182. The chapter is right around the corner, and I here today to give my prediction on what might happen in My Hero Academia Chapter 182. But first let us recap the things that happened in the 181 chapter of My Hero Academia. Let’s begin.
my Hero Academia Chapter 182 spoilers
The fight between Gentle and Deku ended, and Gentle proved to us that he is an extremely powerful opponent. Deku improved as the battle goes along, but he was far from perfecting the new technique that All Might has taught him. Midoriya will become extremely powerful when he has fully mastered this technique but still has a long way to go before he can become a Pro-Hero. Gentle was able to take down Deku in the previous chapters, but his resilience fell short.

In the end, Deku wins the battle against Gentle and this battle was really intense. In the end, Deku makes Gentle surrender which is quite amazing by the way. Upon being arrested, Getle lies in order to save La Brava from the punishment that would’ve been awaiting her. In the end of My Hero Academia Chapter 181, the Cultural festival starts, and 1 A has to perform on stage first. Now that we have recap what happened in chapter 181, let us now being the prediction of My Hero Academia Chapter 182.
Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 182
In the beginning of the chapter, we might see the class 1-A performing on the stage which will be very amazing to see. Also, we will see the other classes there too and might have some laughs. We recently ended a serious fight so I think we won’t see anything serious in the next chapter. I do think that we will see the other classes in action soon, and they will be in the main focus in this Cultural Festival.

Coming back to Gentle, I think he cannot go down that easily. Without a doubt, I feel like Gentle will have some plans, and then will escape from the police, or someone will help Gentle escape from the police. Gentle has a great chance of getting back into the storyline and I think we will see him very soon. We also don’t know what happened to La Brava. She is likely with the Pro heroes right now, but she’ll have some role to play in the story soon.
my hero academia 182
This is it for my prediction on My Hero Academia Chapter 182. You may have your own opinion on the chapter which I am happy to hear in the comment section below. My Hero Academia Chapter 182 will launch officially on 14 May 2018. You can read the official translation on Viz.

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