My Hero Academia 201 Spoilers, Release Date

My Hero Academia 201 Release Date

My Hero Academia has had its fair share of criticism from the fans after some tedious arcs. They have been labelled as boring by some people. However, that seems to go under the radar as the fans aren’t ready to take the criticism. Anyway, this isn’t the time to talk about it. Before we start with the post let me tell you that it filled with spoilers for My Hero Academia. If you don’t want to get several spoilers at once, then it’s better to turn around. Now, let’s begin with My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia 201 Spoilers

In the previous chapter of My Hero Academia, we saw Yaoyorazu at the center of attention. She has done well a support character up to now. In the chapter, we saw Momo facing Kendo. Kendo had successfully managed to separate her from her group. She thought that if she managed to separate Momo, then she had a very good chance at beating her.

My Hero Academia 201 Spoilers

Kendo’s flurry of attacks did seem to do some damage on Yaoyorazu at first. But, Todoroki immediately pointed out that Momo worked beat when she’s under pressure. Kendo’s best chance to defeat her was when Momo was with her group. So, Kendo’s has messed up instead of actually creating an opening for herself.

In the new chapter, we will see Yaoyaorazu showing the results of her training. The stage has been set for her to show the fans what she can really do. She was one of the few students who were recommended for U.A. Until now, Momo hasn’t done anything to earn the plaudits from the fans. Kendo is no pushover but, she has underestimated Yao Momo.

Todoroki has already worked with Yaoyaorazu when they faced their teacher, Eraser Head. He knows what Momo is capable of achieving when she puts her mind to it. It does look that Kendo has the slight edge, but I can’t foresee the winner in this fight. It promises to be a really close one.

My Hero Academia 201 Release Date

The manga is going to be released on October 6, 2018. However, the scans will be available 2-3 earlier than the official release. You can read the scans but, it is advised to buy the official version to support the manga.

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