My Hero Academia 182 Confirmed Leaks, Release Date

My Hero Academia 182

Hey everyone! In this post, I’ll be discussing the leaks for My Hero Academia Chapter 182 in detail. Just to let you all know, the leaks will be 100% legit. My Hero Academia 182
If you don’t want to be spoiled, I suggest you stop reading the post here and read something else on the blog, if you’re interested. However, if spoilers don’t really bother you, then let’s get started.

As expected My Hero Academia 182 is all about Class 1-A’s performance at the Cultural Festival. Deku makes a return in time. It seems like all other classes don’t like the fact that 1-A is being treated differently again. Bakugo rocks the show with real killer intent, saying he’ll kill everyone.

My Hero Academia 182

It seems that the performance is really good and everyone has a really good time there. We also get a flashback of Kyouka Jiro, who I think is one of the characters that Horikoshi needs to give more screentime to. Thanks to this arc, she’s getting all the time that she deserves.

Boku no Hero Academia 182

Kyouka’s parents are both into music business, and she tells them that she wants to become a hero and not a musician. It seems her parents are supportive. They want her to do whatever it is that she wants. According to more spoilers for My Hero Academia 182, a lot of focus is put on the performance of Class 1-A. It goes just as planned and everyone has a really good time. People call it a spectacle.

Then we head into the most important part of the episode, and that is Eri. As we all know, Eri was at the Cultural Festival too, and in the last chapter, we saw her smile for the first time. This time, the performance makes sure that the ghost of Chisaki has vanished from her mind completely. Eri gives off a big smile, which is unlike any that we have ever seen before.

My Hero Academia Chapter 182

My Hero Academia 182

Midoriya had worked so hard just for this moment, and it seems that’s what we’re getting here; a true smile from Eri. Seeing this, Mirio tears up, and begins to cry. He tells Nighteye (R.I.P) and Deku to look at her, and feels extremely happy that he was able to protect a flower, and see it bloom.

That’s pretty much it for the chapter. If you were expecting action in this chapter, there was none. However, there is a lot of emotion, and character building in this chapter and I think Horikoshi did what needed to be done. I’m looking forward to Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 182 already, and I hope you all are too. The chapter will be out officially on Monday, and you can read it on Viz.

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