My Hero Academia manga is becoming increasingly popular among the fans. It is said to be the future next shonen sensation. Right now the manga is focusing on Meta Liberation Army vs League of Villains battles. In some of the recent chapters, one of the strongest villains of all time was introduced in My Hero Academia, his name is Gigantomachia.

Well, he was a subordinate of All For One and good of League of Villains is his only aim. He is a monster of a villain. He can grow stronger and bigger as the fight goes on. While others lose their strength the longer the fight goes on but Gigantomachia’s strength just keeps on increasing and he keeps on getting stronger which makes him one of the strongest villains introduced in the story so far.

He tested the League of Villains to see how strong they are but the whole league was not able to land a single telling blow on Gigantomachia. This ached the heart of this new villain as being the subordinate of All For One he expected the league to be a bit more stronger than it turned out to be. Then he returned to the woods but his role in the whole story has just started.


It seems that the next thing that Gigantomachia will do is help the League of Villains to defeat Meta Liberation Army and afterwards work on making this host of villains known as League of Villains stronger.

Since the defeat of All For One, League of Villains hasn’t been what it was because the brains are just not at the level of All For One. So, the return of Gigantomachia to League of Villains will provide much-needed power and brains to the league which is yet again another dangerous thing to witness. My Hero Academia aka Boku no Hero Academia was launched back on 07 July 2019. Kōhei Horikoshi is the writer of the manga and obviously, it is a shonen manga and the magazine in which it is being published is known as Weekly Shonen Jump magazine.

My Hero Academia is being published by Shueisha and Viz Media is its English translated version publisher. Thus far 23 volumes of the manga have been released. It is labelled as the most promising manga of recent times. Do mention in the comments section down below what are your thoughts regarding the character of Gigantomachia in My Hero Academia manga.


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