The New Monster Trio of The Strawhat Pirates – Explained

Jinbe will be an extremely great addition to the trio, and with his powers, he definitely deserves to be in the Monster Trio. Moreover, Jinbe also has a quality thanks to which he maintains calm in times of grave danger, like when Big Mom was about to kill the Strawhats with that giant Tsunami. In combat, he is on the level of the Veterans of the Big Mom Pirates (excluding the Sweet Commanders).

In the upcoming War of Wano, Jinbe, Sanji and Zoro will face one of the three Disasters. The battle between them will be epic, and I hope it becomes a battle worth remembering. The new Monster Trio is going to be amazing and the power of the Strawhats will increase drastically.

I am hyped up for this new trio, and can’t wait to see them in action. With this, i am ending this article. I hope you guys liked it. Don’t forget to tell me your opinion in the comment section below.

How powerful will the Monster Trio become when Jinbe joins them?

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