The New Monster Trio of The Strawhat Pirates – Explained

As we know, there is a new character who has joined the ranks of the Strawhat Pirates, and you guys probably know who I am talking about. It is none other than the Knight of the Sea, Jinbe.

He was one of the former Shichibukai, and was also a member of the Big Mom Pirates. During the Whole Cake island arc, Jinbe then told Big Mom that he doesn’t want stay in her crew, and instead, wants to join the Strawhat Pirates.

Then he ran away. Now, Jinbe has joined the Strawhat Pirates, and he is the fourth strongest member of the crew. Jinbe will probably replace Luffy in the Monster Trio and the new trio will be Jinbe, Zoro and Sanji. The reason I believe this is because it draws parallels to a Yonko Crew, or the Marines as well. When we talk about a Yonkō and their commanders, the Captain doesn’t get included in the trio.

For example, the Three Disasters, and the Three Sweet Commanders are the three top fighters of the Crew, excluding the Captain. In Jinbei’s case, this will be perfect. Jinbei will be the new member of the monster trio, and will serve directly under his captain, Luffy.



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