Monkey D Dragon is the World’s Most Wanted Man. He is the leader of the Revolutionary Army and is the father of Monkey D Luffy. His powers are unimaginable as Dragon’s powers are feared by the World Government itself. His backstory and his powers are still unknown, all of the One Piece fans want to know his abilities. In this article, I will be discussing the powers, abilities of Monkey D Dragon and his possible connection to Gol D. Roger.

I know many of you are intrigued by the name of Gol D Roger in this article. In my opinion, Roger might have some degree of connection to Gol D. Roger and Dragon might have a great deal of interest in Roger’s powers.
And I think it is because of the Devil Fruit that Roger had and the power of Roger’s Devil Fruit was so powerful that everyone feared him. Dragon knew about it and wanted the power for himself. On the next page, I will be discussing the Devil Fruit that Roger might have.

Let’s begin –



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