Monkey D. Dragon And His Connection To Marines And World Government

Monkey d dragon

Hey guys! Hope you all are doing well. In this post, I’ll be discussing a pretty interesting theory about Monkey D Dragon being a former Marine and his connections with World Government. We know absolutely nothing about Monkey D Dragon except for his appearance and his relationship with Garp and Luffy. In this post, we’ll discuss his origins and past as well.

Let’s begin this post regarding Monkey D Dragon

Let me start off by mentioning that all the big name pirates have had well-known rivals.
Dragon's death
Like Roger had Shiki and Whitebeard, Kaido has Big Mom and Shanks, etc. But the man that is deemed the most dangerous man by the World Government doesn’t have any famous rivalries at all. Well, in order to be such a big threat he ought to have made a reputation of himself but we never hear someone talking about him. This could only mean that he was never a pirate in the first place because if he was everyone in the world would know about him.

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