Momonosuke’s Connection To Gol D. Roger And His True Age

Gol d roger

Hello people! I do hope you all are ready for today’s dose of One Piece theory. In this post, I’ll be discussing Momonusuke’s connection to Gol D Roger, and his true age. Momonusuke has mentioned in the past that he has met Roger, but he’s still 8 years old and Roger died 24 years ago. So, how old is Momonosuke really?

Let’s begin this post regarding Momonusuke’s connection to Gol D Roger and his true age

Right now, undoubtedly Momonosuke is 8 years old. His father is Oden Kozuki thus making him the only known Kozuki clan member alive in One Piece universe. But then, how is it possible that his father died more than 20 years ago and he’s still 8 years old?
Ancient weapon Uranus
How is it possible that he met Gol D Roger who died 24 years ago when he’s just 8 years old? One could say that Momonusuke doesn’t age and he’s always been 8 years old, maybe he consumed something that has stopped him from growing old. But, I think it is much deeper than just that.

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