All 10 Known Members Of Strawhats Pirates Ranked

Strawhats Pirates are one of the strongest Pirates crew in One Piece. They also have extremely powerful crew members and they are also reliable (except for Chopper). This Pirate Crew have achieved many feats and done very great things. Today, I have ranked all of the Strawhats Pirates Members from weakest to the strongest.

Let’s begin –

10. Tony Tony Chopper

Chopper is a doctor of the Strawhat Pirates. He possesses a bounty of 100 berries. Chopper possesses a Zoan type of Devil Fruit called Hito Hito no Mi which turns his body into that of a human. He possesses Rumble ball which allows him to turn his body into different forms, each form increases different attributes. Chopper was able to defeat Kumadori with ease and defeat one of the top officials of New Fishmen Pirates.

9. Nami
Strawhats Pirates
Nami is the Navigator of the Strawhat Pirates and was the third member who joined the Strawhat Pirates. She has a total bounty of 66,000,000 berries. Nami has a weapon called Clima-Tact which allows her to manipulate weather. This gives Nami a great power and with this, she can do an incredible amount of damage to her enemies. She was able to one shot one of the members of the CP9, Kalifa and the best feat that she has achieved is that helping Luffy in defeating one of the top commanders of the Big Mom Pirates.



  1. jinbe is big mom pirates minister level… zoro is yonko commander level… zoro will always become the 2nd strongest… please think about that…

  2. I think what he’s trying to say that zoro is yonko commander level is because yonko commander/s are the 2nd strongest in the crew next to the captain and is the right hand man or something and Luffy being the captain who is the strongest and Zoro being the right hand man he will always be the 2nd strongest in the crew like a commander in a yonko crew (not saying that they are yonko level crew)

    • I see. That is true, and by the end of the series, that’s how it’ll be. But rn, Jinbe has more feats, more recognition, higher bounty and a everything else that Zoro has as well. For now, Jinbe is second to Luffy.


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