Some fascinating news has entered the market recently and it is about one of our favourite Marvel Cinematic Universe characters played by Ryan Reynolds known as Deadpool. Although Deadpool has been supremely successful and it has had two movies of its own it is yet to be introduced in the Marvel space where all the superheroes interact.

To be put in simple terms it has not been introduced to other superheroes. We haven’t seen Deadpool in Avengers movies and not in any other Marvel Cinematic Universe movie except for its own one. While Ant-Man has made its way to Avengers and has its own sequel as well. So, the question remains when and how will Deadpool be meeting these other Marvel superheroes and go on hero missions alongside them.

The thing that has made Deadpool so popular is its easy attitude and a lot of swearing. He just brings in a lot of fun and fills the bellies of the audience with laughter. It is inevitable that this new marvel character will make his way to the host of heroes and I’m sure he’ll be very friendly with them. So, how will he be introduced?

Disney+ is one of the easy ways to introduce him but that is not going to happen because Deadpool swears a lot and since Disney+ is adamant on not showing shows and movies in which there is mature content.

Deadpool Spider-Man 3

This one goes out of the window, the next way one is that they are going to introduce some superhero in Deadpool 3 movie which does make sense a bit but since there is no superhero in Deadpool universe thus far it seems odd.

The third way and about which a lot of rumours are circulating is that Deadpool is going to be introduced in the Spider-Man 3 movie as part of the main cast. This is just awesome news because Spider-Man is a light-hearted character and Deadpool is way too much lighthearted as well. This combination of the two is bound to be a hit and thus it is the best choice that Marvel Cinematic Universe studio can make and introduce Deadpool to a whole new host of characters.

The movie will be filled with humour and entertainment as Deadpool just promises us that. Do tell us what your thoughts on Deadpool being in the Spider-Man 3 movie are in the comments section down below. I certainly want these rumours to become reality as the resulting movie is just going to be pure awesomeness.


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