Marine Admirals are among the strongest people in One Piece. They took the spotlight at Marineford, going toe to toe with the Whitebeard Pirates. So who is the strongest Marine Admiral? Well, we’ve decided to rank them for you. Let’s get started.
5. Ryokugyu
Marine Admirals
Ryogoku is the yet unknown Admiral of the Marines. Literally meaning the Green Bull, Ryokugyu was described as an absolute beast by Doflamingo, when he was having a conversation with Fujitora at Green Bit. Everything about him is yet unknown, except the fact that he/she has curly hair.

We aren’t exactly sure of Ryokugyu’s power levels and that’s why he takes the 5th spot on our list for now. Being an Admiral, Ryokugyu can also invoke the Buster call anytime. It is also widely speculated that Ryokugyu possesses a Zoan type fruit; to what extent that’s true is unknown.


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