Major Updates in Boruto From Zai no Sho!

I have few updates from Zai no Sho. Translation have come out recently. The information is explicitly from Naruto Secret: Scroll of Country Official Moviebook. The English version seems to be available in select regions. So do support the author and the series by buying it as it has several crucial giveaways for future plot. Alright we are gonna reveal some of the major information updates first. Do check out for more such articles.

Momoshiki’s Character Design From Zai no Sho

This is Momoshiki’s information from the Zai no Sho. Momoshiki’s inspiration also comes from Ushiwakamaru. (other than Momo-Taro that is). Ushiwakamaru is another famous commander of Minamoto clan. Also during his conception Momoshiki just like Urashiki was going to have rod like weapon.(actually two rods). It also emphasizes about the “Black glove” on left hand.

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This style later undergoes modification to be more Kaguya like. It’s seems our conjecture about Momoshiki, Kinshiki and Urashiki seems to be correct, they are commanders of upcoming Otsutsuki onslaught. And like we speculated, they are Nobility at best and the Royalty ones are still out there.(the info clearly mentions Momoshiki being a noble like character).

Hinata becomes the Clan leader

While this can be a mistranslation, The Zai no Sho clearly states that Hinata has become the leader of the clan. She has taken back the rightful position of hers thanks to her performance in recent missions. Hinata successfully stops Toneri’s rampage and destroys the Tenseigan averting a major crisis. Even in Fourth Great Ninja War she leads the clan from the front lines. Also it mentions that Hinata is still retains her Chunin Rank.

Minor UpdateImage result for Boruto Novel 5 release date

It seems that 5th novel of Boruto series release happened recently during the first week of 2018. The fifth Novel is “The Last Day at the Ninja Academy! “. While many of you are unclear about the importance of update it seems the recent academy arc has huge derivation is mostly from these novels. Which means they are likely cannon. Also it seems throughout the Novels Toneri seems to be keen on Boruto’s Progress. He seems to have high regard for ninjas after his fight with Naruto and is keen on guiding him in the future.

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