How was Madara Uchiha reanimated with both eyes intact?

Madara Uchiha as we know was the eternal rival of Hashirama Senju. He was the leader of the Uchiha clan and fought Hashirama on several occasions. But, in each and every one of their fights he lost to Hashirama.

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After the battle of at the Valley of End, Hashirama believed that he had killed Madara using his Wood Clone. 636098350707010661
But, Madara had already activated the Izanagi in one of his eyes and survived. He later awakened the Rinnegan with the help of Hashirama’s cells. But, when he was summoned Madara had both the eyes intact. So, how was this possible?


  1. There is a plothole in this theory of yours. when . When Gaara tried to seal madara using the great mausoleum seal using the shikaku’s sand and kokuo ‘s slime .Madara escaped the big sand pyramid with a susano’o although without his Mangekyo sharingan ( at that time he had no eyes at all ).
    your theory is wrong.


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