Luffy’s Gear 5th — Return of Nightmare Luffy!

Luffy's gear 5th

Hey guys! Hope you all are doing well. In this post, I’ll be discussing Luffy’s gear 5th and the return of Nightmare Luffy. We are still just at the beginning of the Wano country arc, but we have already got a glimpse of how inferior Monkey D Luffy is in terms of power to Yonko Kaido. In this post I’ll talk about Luffy’s inferiority to Kaido’s power and how can he overcome it.

Let’s begin this post regarding Luffy’s gear 5th

First of all, we need to power scale Luffy. We have seen him defeat yonko commanders like Cracker and Katakuri using his gear fourth.
Luffy's gear 5th
Luffy just couldn’t finish them up because he runs out of haki in gear fourth and did not have the future sight haki. He was able to defeat Katakuri as soon as he got this power-up. But we should all remember that future sight haki was influential in defeating Katakuri, but wouldn’t allow Luffy to damage Yonko Kaido and just enable him to evade his attacks. He still cannot use this type of haki at will.

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