As we all know that Coby and Luffy were both introduced in chapter 2. They soon became rivals after parting ways. In this post we are going to discuss about Luffy’s eternal rival, Coby. 636036627642067244
This theory is written by Logia from Oro
As we known that Coby’s dream is to become an Admiral. Oda loves to use patterns for the Admirals. Before the pre-time skip, all the Admirals had Logia type Devil Fruits and were given primary colors namely, Red, Yellow and Blue. Also the Admirals are given animal names and colors names combined as their epithets.

Aokiji translate to “Blue Pheasant”, Akainu translate to “Red Dog” and finally, Kizaru to “Yellow Monkey”. However, since the time skip, there has been a reshuffle of positions due to Sakazuki being promoted to the position of Fleet Admiral and Kuzan resigning from his position. So, new recruits were needed to fill the gaps.


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